25 Expert Spray Tanning Tips

If you’re looking to get the maximum out of your spray tan, it’s important to remember a few essential basics. Below are 25 spray tanning tips from the experts:

  1. Plan your exercise routine around your spray tan appointment – this way you can either exercise and shower BEFORE tanning or else wait until AFTER your tan has finished developing.
  2. Don’t use deodorant – It can serve as a barrier to block your skin properly absorbing the spray tan.
  3. Shower beforehand – even for an appointment scheduled for after work, it’s usually best to shower BEFORE your tan is applied.
  4. Don’t use moisturiser – just like deodorant, some moisturisers can block the absorption of your spray tan.
  5. Consult your professional – before tanning any broken skin, dry patches or injuries, tell your tanning professional.
  6. Shave/wax 24 hours before – It’s best to shave and/or wax at least a day before your spray tan appointment as hair removal can remove the tan.
  7. Choose the right colour – consult with your spray tan professional about choosing the right shades, colours and foundation shade that is best for you.
  8. Avoid moisture – it’s important to stay dry for 1-2 hours after receiving a spray tan. If it’s raining, be sure to bring an umbrella or other inclement weather gear.
  9. Avoid using bug spray – Insect repellant can remove or fade your tan. Try spraying only your clothing or else walk through a “cloud” of bug spray instead of applying it directly.
  10. Wear dark, loose clothing – it’ll help you avoid staining white and lighter-coloured clothes.
  11. Avoid band-aids, pore strips and face masks – anything that sticks to your skin can remove your tan when you remove it.
  12. Avoid sweating – excessive perspiration in the 12 hours after a spray tan can cause problems.
  13. Get you mani/pedi BEFORE the tan – for special events, it is recommended that all manicures and pedicures be scheduled before the spray tanning appointment.
  14.  Avoid natural exfoliants – common activities such as swimming in a chlorinated pool or taking long baths can exfoliate the skin and remove or fade your tan.
  15. Use your mitts – the best way to remove a tan is to take a hot shower and use good exfoliating mitts. After removal, be sure to apply a good skin moisturiser.
  16. Ask about showering – your tanning professional will tell you when you can shower after calculating your colour depth and skin requirements.
  17. Gels, not bars or scrubs – using a soft, gentle shower gel is preferred rather than harsh soap bars or scrubs for 7-10 days after your tan.
  18. Keep your skin moisturised – when you skin is properly moisturised, it will hold the tan better and for long periods of time.
  19. Pat yourself dry – after a shower, use quick dabbing strokes with the towel rather than a vigorous rub down.
  20. Use the extender – daily use of a good tanning extender will greatly extend the life of your tan.
  21.  Towelettes – if you’re coming to your tan appointment straight from work or another engagement, towelettes or baby wipes can be used to remove deodorant and moisturisers.
  22. Efoliate and moisture the day before – 24 hours before your tanning appointment, exfoliate and moisture your skin in order to prepare it for the tan.
  23. Test your colours – if you’re using a spray tan for a special event, it’s a good idea to try it out a day or two ahead of time to make sure you’ll be using the right colour and shade.
  24. Wear a thong – to prevent boots or socks or stockings rubbing against the tan solution, it’s best to wear a thong or g-string home from your appointment.
  25. UV damage – spray tans do not contain any SPF and so you will need to use a proper sun block on a daily basis to prevent skin damage.