How To Clean Your Tanning Equipment

Tanning equipment needs regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it working right and avoid voiding warranties, but it can be tough to keep up with during the busy holiday season. Fortunately, cleaning your tanning supplies doesn’t have to be a major headache. A couple simple steps can help keep your clients looking good and your equipment working great.

First, take a good look at your treatment room (or vehicle if you have a mobile business). If you were a client, what would you think? Few things are as offputting as a dirty treatment room, so make sure your business is putting its best face forward. Give your treatment room a good, thorough cleaning, including candle holders or oil warmers. Consider investing in a fresh candle or fresh aromatherapy oils to improve your room’s ambiance.

Next, clean your tanning tent, screen, or curtain. Bring it outdoors and give it a good hosing off to remove any surface debris and tanning residue, then give it a good scrubbing with hot, soapy water. DHA solutions are water-based, so harsh cleaners shouldn’t be necessary. Be sure your tent, screen, or curtain dries thoroughly– mold and mildew can become a problem if you pack it away while it’s still damp.

Your tanning machine could probably use some love, too. Consult your user manual or the Tan.Easy support guidefor information on how to properly clean and maintain your machine.

Change the filters in your extractor fan. Dirty, clogged filters don’t just keep an extractor fan from working effectively, they can void your warranty and affect the quality of your clients’ results. Pick up a three pack of fresh extractor filters and keep all of your fans in top shape.

Lastly, check over all of your system’s replaceable parts. Are there any frayed cords or cracked housings? It might be time to invest in some replacements. Worn-looking equipment doesn’t just look unprofessional, it can post a safety risk to you and your clients.

Like any other piece of professional equipment, tanning supplies need to be cleaned regularly and kept in good repair. The winter holiday season is usually a high-volume time of year for tanning specialists, so it’s especially important to make sure equipment is properly cleaned and ready to go for the new year.