What Your Clients Are Looking For In Their Next Spray Tan

When winter rolls around and the hot, sunny days at the beach begin to cool down and dissipate, women in need of a good sun-kissed tan begin to make the trip to their nearest tanning salon. After all, no one wants to lose their summer glow. The question to ask is: is your salon fulfilling all their tanning needs? If not, much like a one hit wonder, their next visit with you may be the only one they remember. Be sure to meet their highest standards the first time so that you can establish long lasting client relationships.

What Do Clients Expect?

Nearly all potential clients are looking for a few key things from their spray tan experience. They’ll certainly be hoping for a perfectly even and streak-free tan with a natural looking tone to match their skin type. They will also be counting on excellent customer service to help them feel welcome and cared for. Provide them with a high-quality tan and you will have them coming back again and again for many seasons to come. After all, they would be doing it themselves if they didn’t except your salon to offer something even better.

Providing a Superior Tanning Experience

To make sure that your salon is reaching top quality standards, first take your tanning machine into consideration. The machine makes all the difference as the right spray tan equipment can provide the best tan possible. After all, a cheap or old machine may not give you and your clients to kind of results intended. It’s worth investing in a high-end machine because it will last longer and pay for itself in the long run. Different machines have different features – does yours overspray solution or create excess noise? How much solution does it hold at a time? What size is the compressor and spray gun? Look for a machine that’s quiet, holds a decent amount of solution and contains a spray gun that’s easy to use and control for an even coating.

Help Your Clients Come Prepared

If a client doesn’t know how to prepare themselves for a spray tan, they might not end up happy with the results even if you have the best machine in the world. Be sure to tell them to exfoliate the skin well beforehand and fill them in with all the info over the phone before they book their appointment with you. When the skin is properly prepared the night before the tan, a more natural and even tone can become established.

It is also a good idea to tell all your clients about the best ways to maintain their tan after it is applied. Encourage them to wear loose fitting clothes on the way back from their appointment and don’t forget to remind them to avoid getting wet or exercising until the tan is ready to be rinsed. Moisturising is another way to ensure a long-lasting tan so recommend a daily routine using a hydrating lotion.