What is an Extraction Unit and How Does it Work?

If you have your own tanning business, then you should invest in an extraction unit as soon as possible. These systems are beneficial because they extract immoderate tanning solution (also known as ‘overspray’) and moisture from the surroundings. Taking these components out of the air can be useful for retrieving them prior to their circulating the room. This is because removing them can ensure that the air in the room stays fresh, clean and pleasant. If you’re sick and tired of breathing in overspray day in and day out, an extraction unit may be the perfect solution for your spray tanning business.

Spray tanning is known for being much safer than tanning under the sun. Tanning in the sun can often increase the risk for developing skin cancer, after all. Although spray tanning is generally an extremely safe process, there are some potential hazards associated with it, namely the inhalation of DHA (dihydroxyacetone).

DHA is the active ingredient in tanning solutions to give you a deep bronzed glow. It responds to the amino acids in the skin’s top layers and effectively makes them darker.

Although DHA has TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) approval as being a safe ingredient in sunless tanning formulas, it is recommended that you avoid inhaling it. When spray tanning a client, it can be quite common for excess spray tan solution to be sprayed into the air. It is here where there is potential for you to inhale the solution and thereby the DHA contained within it.

An extraction unit works to extracting any overspray in the air, thereby preventing you from inhaling the tanning solution.

Some of the many exciting features and benefits that are often part of extraction units include filters that are simple to take out, streamlined professional designs and exposed filters. Exposed filters are handy because they eliminate any overspray that remains in the environment. These filters quickly soak up any overspray that’s lingering in the air. When you purchase extraction units, you can usually decide between one, two or three fans total.

Extraction units are also excellent for extracting unwanted dirt out of the environment. If you want to ensure maximum cleanliness for your spray tanning business, getting rid of dirt floating around can often go a very long way. Keeping dirt at bay can defend the health of workers and customers alike.

If you’re worried about an extraction unit simply taking up way too much space inside of your already cramped business, you don’t have to be. They don’t have to be bulky. In fact, many extraction units are extremely compact and portable.
They’re often produced using extremely lightweight materials. If the idea of tripping over a massive extraction unit sounds unappealing and frustrating to you, you don’t have to worry for even a second. These extraction units are often on the small side. Many of these units are ideal for tanning businesses that lack a lot of room.