How To Spot A Good Spray Tan Machine

A professional spray tanner should look for a spray tan machine that is designed to hit every curve of the human body with a perfect shimmering touch of summer sunshine. Luckily, Tan.Easy Pro Tools offers the very best in top of the line tan machine technology.

A Fantastic Finish

The finish should be smooth and even all over without any streaks or runs. A good spray tan machine like those from Tan Easy Pro Tools provides uniform spray patterns to the skin for perfect accuracy of colour. Their machines also avoids over spraying to ensure a perfectly even and natural looking tan. Tan Easy Pro Tools is available in two different perfect finish styles both including micro-whirlwind technology to expel the ideal volume of spray tan solution.

Easy And Clean Solution Extraction

A great spray tan machine will be clean, quiet, and powerful. The Tan Easy machine has a smooth and silent 3D turbine motor to create a constant flow of air for even results each and every time it is used. The turbine design also allows 30% percent less energy use to take a smaller toll on the environment. This company system of ventilation and expulsion allows mobile salons and tanners on the go to get rid of dirty air around the machine. This way, all employees will be protected against particles in the air that may be hazardous to their health.

Light But Mighty

A great spray tan machine won’t weight you down. You will want to be sure to look for one that’s made with lightweight materials, easy to transport, put together, and move in the future when needed. The Tan Easy line of machines are all made with durable, light materials that are built to last. Who would have thought something so streamlined could get rid of excess moisture so well while also providing customers with amazing tans?