How to Use Your HandyTan

A new, lightweight spray tan machine has hit the market that is revolutionising the way women get a spray tan. The HandyTan is a handheld spray tan machine that combines the features of a spray gun and machine.

The machine features Micro Whirlwind Technology that delivers a constant stream of smooth air. Designed for the professional spray tan market, the HandyTan incorporates the spray tan gun and the turbines into one unit and eliminates the large hoses that many other machines include. The tanning machine can be used by both tanning professionals and home tanners.

The HandyTan works and feels like a hairdryer, it plugs directly into a wall socket and it is lighter than most hairdryers, so it is a great solution for those who need a mobile tanning solution. To use the machine, tanners simply hold the machine about 10 to 20 centimetres away from the body and administer the spray in a gentle, sweeping motion, making sure to use a constant pace so the tan is sprayed in event amounts.

The machine will meet the needs of tanning professionals who provide in-home services to their clients, professionals who provide services to wedding parties, and many others. With its ergonomic design and a 3 meter power cord, the HandyTan is easy to use and works in almost any environment.

The HandyTan is designed for professional use and leaves a finish that’s streak free. It delivers a super fine mist of tanning product so clients are not left with any excess product or sticky residue. Because of this design that reduces over application of product, the HandyTan also uses only 30 to 40 millilitres of solution per application, saving tanning professionals and home tanners product and preventing any of that dreaded orange effect that comes from too much product on the skin.

The HandyTan’s Air-Smart switch delivers heat to the client during application so they will be comfortable even in cold winter months, with no shocking cold spray that will take their breath away like some tanning machines. The Air-Smart switch also controls the airflow during application so tanning professionals can adjust the flow as needed to achieve the perfect results for their clients.

The HandyTan is easy to clean and does not need to be taken apart during cleaning. After application, tanning professionals can simply spray water through the gun to clean it and prepare it for the next application.

This new machine will make it easier than ever for home tanners and tanning professionals to get high quality tanning results. If you can use a hair dryer, you can achieve a perfect tan with this innovative machine.