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Insider Tips

Get your clients ready glow this Autumn with some of our insider tips, that will ensure you have perfectly tanned skin throughout the year.

EXFOLIATE —  So many women over-exfoliate their skin, it is recommended that you only exfoliate 1-2 times per week. Make sure you are advising this to clients. Advise clients to exfoliate at least 24hours before their tan and then every 2-3 days after their tan.

SKIN BARRIERS –  Moisturisers, perfumes, exfoliator, hair conditioner are all products that can prevent a tan from grabbing as they act as a barrier. Always advise your client to remove any products from their skin prior to their spray tan, they need to have clean skin for at least 2 hours prior to their tan.

SHAVE OR WAX BEFORE –  We would always recommend our client to wax or shave at least 24hours before their tan. This ensures that pores have had time to close, tanning with open pores can sometime cause a reaction, but mostly they can fill with tan and leave spotty results.

WEAR LOOSE, DARK CLOTHES – Anything tight, like denim, socks or underwear will rub the tan, leaving white marks. We also recommend wearing darker clothes to prevent them from staining.

STAY DRY – Once you’ve tanned your client it is vital to advise them not to get wet, this includes perspiration, washing hands and brushing teeth etc.  sprayed, wait eight hours
before you hit the shower.

SOAK IT OFF –  The best way to keep a longer lasting tan is to take quick showers and pat yourself dry. Rubbing your tan can rub at your tan and by bathing you will be soaking off your tan much quicker.

MOISTURISE – Moisturise daily, this keeps your skin hydrated and means your tan will last much, much longer.