Introducing the next generation in tanning – The HandyTan

Take your in-salon and mobile tanning to the next level with the Tan.Easy Handy.Tan. This all-in-one professional handheld spray tan machine with Micro Whirlwind Technology is the next generation in professional tanning.

Never seen before in the professional market, Tan.Easy Pro Tools have launched the Handy.Tan, a lightweight handheld spray tan machine that combines a spray gun and machine in one compact system.

Tailored for the professional market, the Handy.Tan is suitable for mobile or in-salon use. No need to worry separate turbine units or bulky and annoying hoses, the Handy.Tan is ergonomically designed and lighter than most hairdryers. The system includes a professional length power cord, making it perfectly portable and easy to use.

This new generation spray gun also provides a super fine air-brush mist and touch dry finish, so clients aren’t left with a sticky residue. It also includes a 2-way adjustable nozzle that changes spray pattern and is the only spray gun on the market to be an all-in-one, handheld system!

The Handy.Tan is designed especially for spraying the contours of the body and ensures your clients will be left with flawless & streak free results. There’s no need to dismantle or pull apart the gun to clean it either, simply spray water through the rust-free needle.

Using only 30-40mls of solution per body application, the Tan.Easy Handy.Tan significantly decreases overspray with over 85% of spray tan solution delivered onto the skin; without creating the ‘orange effect’ caused by too much solution on the skin.

This ultra-convenient spray gun contains Micro-Whirlwind Technology that delivers a continuous stream of smooth air. The custom 3D turbine motor generates a powerful, constant flow of even speed, to ensure a blotch-free tan.

The Handy Tan also features an ‘Air-Smart’ switch with heat, to ensure flawless spray tanning results (it’ll help keep your clients warm when they have to strip down during those colder months too!). Controlling the airflow for the perfect spray, the Air-Smart switch means you deliver the same professional salon results every time.

The Handy.Tan is without a doubt the ultimate mobile or salon convenience system for industry professionals. Retailing at just $199, the Handy.Tan will pay for itself in no time.