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Man Tan

The man tan is in right now! The red carpet is alive with bronzed males such as celeb favorites , Mark Wahlberg, Ryan Gosling and David Beckham. But it’s not just for celebs, the Man Tan is going mainstream as male tanning is becoming more and more popular.

For many years, tanning has been mostly dominated by the female industry, but now it’s the mans turn. With skin cancer on the rise,  men are opting for safer and quicker ways to achieve a healthy tan. Men are becoming more comfortable going to salons and it is now becoming far more accepted to see a man with a faux-glow.

With most cosmetic and skin care companies selling self-tanning it was only a matter of time before someone introduced a more male friendly product with a more masculine smell. Usually these products come in the form of creams, lotions, or foams. They are either applied by hand or with the aid of a mitt. The tanning solution will be rubbed into the skin and the tan will develop over several hours.

Custom spray tanning is applied by a technician who personally sprays the solution over the man. A custom airbrushed tan is a great way for men to go. Men usually have more body hair than women do. The custom application allows for the body hair of a man. Generally, a man needs more tanning solution than a woman does. The technician can add the moisturizers that are needed for the absorption of the solutions.

The man tan is a great way for men to get a boost in confidence. A tan allows them to accentuate different muscles, especially in the abdomen. The man tan is great for those special occasions like a wedding.