How to Deliver a Professional Spray Tan Service

If you are in the spray tanning business, you probably have more business than you can handle. An increasing number of women and men alike are beginning to choose spray tans so that they can look their best without risking their health, and if you can do a good job of providing attractive spray tans, then you can make a great living. However, the quality of the service that you provide is obviously important. These tips can help you deliver an attractive, professional spray tan.

Make Sure Your Clients are Prepared

First of all, you should make sure that your clients know how to properly prepare themselves for a spray tan. Let them know that they should exfoliate prior to getting their spray tan. They should also be advised not to wear any makeup, lotion or moisturizer prior to their appointment, and they should wear loose-fitting clothes on the day that they get their spray tans. By wearing loose-fitting clothing, clients can help prevent their tans from streaking and can also prevent from staining their clothing.

Use the Right Tools

Although it will require a bit of an investment on your part, make sure that you invest in high-quality tools. You will need a high quality equipment and professional tanning solutions, for example. Don’t skimp on your equipment or tanning solutions, or your clients will be able to tell the difference.

Take Good Care of Your Equipment

Also, make sure that you take good care of your tools. Keep them clean to prevent uneven application and to maintain a more sanitary spray tanning salon. Replace worn out parts as necessary to keep your equipment working properly, and rotate your stock of tanning sprays to ensure that they don’t get too old to be applied evenly.

Use the Right Application Methods

Carefully read the instructions for using your specific spray tanning tools, and use a steady, easy hand to carefully apply an even spray tan.
Don’t Overbook Yourself

One of the main keys of providing clients with a high-quality spray tan is taking your time. Many spray tanning salons overbook themselves and find themselves rushing through the process, but doing so can leave a sloppy-looking spray tan. If necessary, book fewer appointments and charge more for your higher-quality services, or hire more spray tanners to assist you. If you really take your time to apply each spray tan, your clients are sure to notice the difference.

Instruct Clients on Proper Aftercare

Make sure that you instruct your clients on proper aftercare, such as waiting several hours before doing physical activity that will cause excessive sweating or before showering or swimming. This will help ensure that your clients are pleased with the results.

Providing your clients with a high-quality, beautiful spray tan will keep them coming back for more appointments. Luckily, if you follow these steps when running your spray tanning business, you can ensure that your clients are always satisfied with the results.