Quick Connect Technology

In order to achieve a professional-looking spray tan, it’s essential that you have the best spray tan equipment. Many salon professionals are looking for a higher level of safety & results from their tanning equipment. At Tan.Easy Pro Tools, we have developed “Quick Connect” Technology, which offers numerous benefits. Professional tanning tools like those at Tan.Easy Pro Tools that utilize this type of technology come with numerous benefits.

Easy-to-Use Professional Tanning Tools

Part of what makes our tanning machine the best spray tan machine on the market is how easy it is to use. This type of technology is dubbed “Quick Connect” because it’s quick and easy to connect. All you have to do is press down on the connect button and insert spray tanning gun into the spray tanning machine to get the best spray tan equipment on the market. There’s no screwing or unscrewing required, and the equipment locks right into place with ease.

Spray Tan Safety

Not only is using professional tools such as these easy, but it also contributes to spray tan safety as well. With professional tools like these, you won’t have to worry about dealing with any hose blow outs that could potentially harm you. Instead, everything you need to achieve the perfect spray tan is all contained within one machine that serves as an all-in-one booth, which is part of why it’s known as the best spray tan machine.

Professional Results

Tan.Easy spray tan machines provide you with extreme volume that allows you to get a darker spray tan application in a shorter amount of time. Additionally, they also allow you to get achieve a flawless airbrush finish thanks to the ultra fine touch dry results that it provides. You can even get contoured results with Tan.Easy spray tan machines since the machines can create lines of color, tan and shade around the contours of the body to provide definition. Plus, you’ll also get streak-free coverage with a minimum amount of overspray with these types of machines too.