Spray Tan Machine & Equipment Tips

When running a spray tanning business it’s critical that your equipment runs to its optimum capacity. On a busy day, there’s nothing worse than something going wrong with your equipment. Not only is it important for client satisfaction, it’s also critical to mazimising your profits.

Here we look at some common issues that can pop up from time to time and how you can quickly troubleshoot them.

It’s not working!

Ensure that power is transmitting from the wall socket. Check the “On Button”, making sure it is in operation mode. In addition, make sure power cord is plugged into the wall socket and turned on at the wall socket. After all, sometimes it’s the simplest things…

It’s leaking or spluttering!

If you think your spray tan gun is leaking or tan solution is spluttering, first check the tightness of spray tan cup and that it is secured properly. Check that the thread of the cup is in the grooves – you might need to clean the thread of the cup and gun before you screw it back on. If that doesn’t solve your problem, you might have too much solution in your cup. Alternatively, it could be that your nozzle is blocked; in which case simply spray water through the gun to clear it out.

There’s no air-flow from the spray gun!

First, check the compressor for air flow and the gun tip for cleaning or replacement if damaged. Again, it may be that your nozzle is blocked and to check, spray water through the gun to clear it out.

It’s getting hot in here!

If your tanning equipment is overheating, make sure that the machine has proper ventilation and is not crowded by other objects and items in the room. Clean internal fans and components where dirt and trash has accumulated, and remove any obstructions near the exhaust system.