Professional Spray Tan Techniques

If you’re looking to become a professional spray tanner, you will of course need to know some key spray tan techniques. If you work in beauty and spa services, you will find this guide helpful as you seek to help your clients get the best possible tan, in a way that is efficient and doesn’t require much time outdoors.

Remember that you’ll want to begin about 4 to 6 inches from your client. The spray gun needs to be at this distance to go on the client’s body effectively. Also keep in mind that you’ll want to begin at the client’s back and move around the client from there.

First, you will need to spray the client right over one shoulder, moving the spray gun or can down the length of the client’s back. You’ll want to make even strokes, and you can stop at the top of the pants line, overlapping each line just a bit to make sure that you cover the client’s entire back side.

Then, you’ll want to stand behind the client, and make sure that they have their palms facing their thighs. Do not spray their palms, as this would be poor form and not provide the client with a natural tan. Be sure that you spray from the top of the client’s arm to the client’s wrist. Do both arms, and be careful with the palms!

Then, you’ll want to be behind the client and spray down the backs of both legs, overlapping as you should, to make sure you don’t miss any spots. Be sure to make the ankle shape of tan into a “Y,” leaving the extruding bone out of the tan line. Try to visualize the “Y” before you spray, just to make sure you get it right.

Be sure, too, that you spray both legs (need I say that?), and be sure that you don’t overspray in the ankle area. Also, try to keep your gun or can pointed straight, so that you don’t tilt and provide the wrong amount of tanner to the client. It’s important to be as balanced as possible while doing this.

Then, you’ll want to face the client’s side. Note: This applies to BOTH sides. Lift the client’s arm, and spray the side of the client’s body in overlapping strokes. Give a very light spray to the inner arm, so that it doesn’t get too dark there. Then, you’ll want to spray from the hip to the ankle, making sure to keep the “Y” on.

For the front of the client’s body, you’ll want to ask your client to lift their arms and lean back just a tad. You can then spray under the client’s chest area, whether your client is a man or a woman. Then, if your client is a woman, imagine a bikini top, and spray over the client’s chest lightly. Make sure you are delicate and kind.

After this, you’ll want to face the client still, and spray the abdomen. Start at the top of the pants line and go up to the abdomen, making sure to mist well. Then, do the front of the legs, making sure to keep your “Y” shape in mind (don’t spray the extruding bone!).

Also, for the face, be kind and delicate, as you were earlier. Be sure that you cover the client’s mouth and nose, and don’t miss the ears! Make sure you spray from the bottom of the neck to the ears, and get the forehead good too. As client’s comfort level varies, do this process as best you can, but don’t miss anything!

Finally, be sure that you spray the hands. Be sure not to get anything on the palms! Cover the hands from pinkie to wrist, and make sure that you spray along with the hands’ natural curvature. Then, the client can wipe off his or her palms at the end. Presto! You’re in business!