Spray Tanning Tips For Your Customers

It’s vital to give clients the best possible experience when tanning and one of the easiest ways to do that is by giving them the right tips to prepare for their spray tan.

Preparing Skin and Nails

Tanning solution can stain nails so it’s a good idea to advise your customers to have nail polish on before a tan. Even a clear coat will protect them from staining and will keep their natural colour safe. It’s also important for customers to prepare their skin before their tanning session – and that includes waxing and threading. Customers should get a wax or threading a day or two before their tan if they are planning to get one. This way there won’t be any uneven coloration from differing skin textures. Waxing is also a great way to exfoliate the skin.

Avoiding Lotions

Clients should not wear any makeup or lotion on the skin to the appointment. This can interfere with how the tanning solution sticks to the skin and can create results that are less than perfect. Provide makeup remover wipes in your salon or mobile tanning station to help clients remove any makeup they may be wearing.

Preparing First Timers

Be sure to let first time clients know what to expect when getting a spray tan. The skin will feel a little sticky to the tough at first while it develops. Clients should avoid touching their skin to reduce the risk of smudging.

Immediate After Care Tips

All clients should avoid hot showers, working out, or swimming for 8-10 hours after the tan (unless using an express tan solution, in which case this can be shorter) to allow time for it to develop.. The tan will continue to darken until the first shower is taken. It is also recommended for customers to avoid using rubber house gloves the day they get sprayed.

Long Term After Care

For customers to get the very best from their tan it is recommended that they pat dry after each shower as scrubbing may reduce the lifespan of the tan. Scented body washes are not recommended. It is also advisable to reduce shaving during the time a tan is on so that the skin does not become over exfoliated. Spray tans usually last about 4-8 days and can last longer the more one moisturizes the skin. Clients should hydrate their skin with a moisturiser a few times a day and should always wear sunscreen when going outdoors. Too much sun without any protection can damage the tan. It is also a good plan to wait at least a day before going in salty or chlorinated water because this can strip some colour from the tan.