How to Store and Maintain Your Tan.Easy Products 

Once you are equipped with your Tan.Easy pro tools, it is important to learn some quick and easy storage and maintenance tips to keep your new professional tanning tools working at top notch. First, make sure to store all machines and spray tan guns in a dry, cool place. You should keep the equipment somewhere that preferably does not get warmer than room temperature (under 70 degrees Fahrenheit). Furthermore, always store all tanning solution at room temperature as well to ensure its longest possible shelf-life. This means avoid storing your tools or solution in a hot car, for example, or leaving any of your equipment out in the sun for lengthy periods of time. Warm temperatures can especially affect tanning solutions and might lessen the shelf-life of your products or change the consistency of the product.

You can also make sure that your Tan.Easy pro tools perform at full maximization by keeping the tools clean at all times. The tools are created from easy-to-clean materials that will remain looking like new for a very long time when cleaned properly. Take a pre-moistened wipe or baby wipe and wipe down the outside of the spray tan machine or spray tan gun. This should remove any and all dust, dirt, or spray tan particles that might be located on the surface of the equipment. Never submerge a spray tan gun in water and always make sure that your machine is unplugged before starting to clean it, for your own safety. You can also use some gentle glass cleaner and a soft cloth to wipe down the outside of the equipment, which will keep it looking extra shiny. As for the solution cup, simply remove it from the equipment and rinse it with warm water to cleanse it.

Make sure you read all of the information that comes with your Tan.Easy pro tools carefully so that you are equipped to operate your tools as they are intended to be used and to keep them in top shape. By maintaining and storing your professional tanning equipment in the correct indoor environment and by regularly taking the time to clean your equipment, you can be sure that you will truly maximize your Tan.Easy pro tool experience.