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Tanning Advice For Your Clients

Help your clients achieve a flawless, natural tan. Following our below tips will help your clienta prolong their tan.
1. Preparation: Ensure your client has prepared their skin properly prior to tanning, this includes exfoliating and moisturising the skin 24hours prior to their tan. Please note that if you were to moisturise on the day of your tan you will be building a barrier that a tan can not develop on.
2.  Avoidance: Inform your client that using moisturisers, perfume or deodorants will also create a barrier. We also recommend informing them to arrive in dark, loose fitting clothing to ensure their tan is not marked or their clothes are stained.
3. Waiting: Advise your client of the length of time they need to want for the tan to develop before showering or being exposed to moisture, this will depend on the tan brand that you are using.
4. Staying dry: Let your client know to avoid rain or activity that causes excessive perspiration during this tan activation period.

5. The right products: Recommend a tan-specific body wash and gradual tanning cream for at-home tan maintenance.