Tanning Prep and Aftercare Tips for Your Clients

If you’re a professional spray tan technician, part of your job is to make sure your clients know the ins and outs of tan preparation. You’re also responsible for making sure they know how to keep their tans in good condition after their sessions are over. When clients make appointments for spray tans at your salon, prep instructions are absolutely vital. The better a client prepares for an upcoming spray tan session, the better experience she should have in the end.

Tell clients to shave anywhere between 8 hours and a full day prior to their appointments. Tell them to shower anywhere between 6 hours and a full day prior to their sessions, as well. It’s also important to tell them to mildly exfoliate their skin beforehand. It’s optimal for spray tan clients to exfoliate between 6 and 24 hours before their appointments. Intense exfoliation is off-limits because it can cause trauma to the skin.

Make sure your clients know to show up to their sessions free of antiperspirants, deodorants, moisturizing creams and makeup. They need to have skin that is 100 percent dry and clean. If their skin isn’t fully clean, it can be detrimental to the development of their spray tans.

Tell your clients to be aware of the weather on the days of their spray tan appointments. If it’s raining outside, they should carry umbrellas to avoid getting wet. Being wet can sometimes negatively influence the development of spray tans, so this is extremely important.

Spray tan aftercare is just as crucial as spray tan preparation. If a client is careless about aftercare, she could end up with a tan that’s a blotchy and uneven nightmare. Proper aftercare is key to achieving a beautiful and natural looking bronze glow.

Make sure your clients know to avoid showering for between 7 and 8 hours after their tanning sessions. Tell them to try to refrain from heavy sweating during that time frame, as well. People need ample time for the proper development of their tans.

It’s also important for people who have just received spray tans to consider their attire. Loose attire is optimal for spray tan development. If an individual wants her tan to develop perfectly, she should steer clear of tight apparel immediately after her session.

Spray tan technicians should also tell their clients to refrain from the application of deodorant and moisturizing products when their tans are still in the development phase.

If you clue your clients in on all of the best spray tan prep and aftercare tips, they should enjoy excellent spray tan experiences with you. Spray tan knowledge is power, after all.