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Why You Need a Tanning Tent

As a salon owner or mobile tanner, you want to make sure that you keep everything running as efficiently and professionally as possible. When specialising in spray tanning, one of the best pieces of equipment you can invest in would be a tanning tent. Here we look at why it’s so important to your business and why you should have one!

Protect Against Staining

Spray tanning can be quite messy due to any over spray of the tanning solution from your spray tan machine. When you are spray tanning a client, this spray will not only get onto your clients’ skin as intended, it can also get onto your floors, walls and around your salon. If you work on several clients each day, this is even more chance that the floors and walls surrounding your spray tan area will become stained. The tent prevents this from happening because it acts like a protective barrier between the client and anything that might be around them.

Prevent Mobile Issues

For those who have a mobile spray tanning business, it is especially essential that you invest in a tanning tent. This is because you’ll be conducting your spray tans in your clients’ homes, so the worst thing for your business and reputation would be accidentally staining their floors or walls. The tent prevents this from happening altogether so that your client can have an incredibly enjoyable experience without the horror of having their walls or floors sprayed tanning solution.

Give Your Client Privacy and a More Even Tan

It’s pretty obvious that the tanning tent will also offer your client some privacy as far as their tanning experience is concerned. Another benefit to using a tanning tent is that it can produce a more even tan. This is because the tanning tent can block any breeze or airflow from air conditioning which might be on in the room that can affect the spray from the machine, resulting in an uneven tan.

As you can see, there are quite a lot of benefits to using and owning a tanning tent. Whether you’re a business owner who does tanning in their salon or you own a mobile business or you’re just someone who loves to do their own spray tanning at home, a tent is something that will benefit you greatly. Be sure to invest in a good quality tent to ensure that it will last for many years and provide you the benefits that you require from it.