Tanning Terms Explained

New to spray tanning? Need help with some tanning terms? Read on for answers to all of these sunless tanning questions and become a tanning expert in the space of 5 minutes:

Developing time. When you apply fake tan you will need to give it some time to work its magic – this is known as developing time. The key ingredients in your sunless tanner react with the amino acids on your skin and the air to cause the uppermost layer of your skin to slowly darken. After 6-8 hours your tan will develop fully. Then you can wash the product off in the shower to reveal your freshly-tanned skin beneath.

Guide colour. Your skin will appear quite dark when you first apply your tanner because we’ve added some colour to the formulation on purpose. This will allow you to see which areas of your body you have covered with product, preventing you from layering up too much colour on one spot. The darker guide colour will wash off after your tan has fully developed.

DHA. This little acronym is short for Dihydroxyacetone and it is this special sugar that triggers a fake tan to develop on your skin upon contact. It will only affect the top layer of your skin cells, which means your sunless tan will gradually start to fade away as your skin cells flake off and regenerate.