Tanning While Pregnant

Did you know that it’s totally safe to tan while you’re pregnant? None of the ingredients in fake tan are absorbed by the bloodstream. Tanner will only colour the top surface of your skin, creating a gorgeous glow that will add vibrancy to a dull complexion.

However we do advise that you avoid tanning for the first trimester. This is because the hormonal changes your body is experiencing can affect the proteins on the skin that self-tanner reacts with. Applying tanner during this period could result in a patchy colour result or streaky finish.

How to tan during pregnancy?

  • A day before applying your tan use a exfoliate to gently buff away any dead skin cells. This will help the product to glide onto the skin smoothly.
  • As your baby bump grows you may find that your skin feels itchy and tight so feel free to mix a touch of our moisturiser into your tan before application. Or try using a gradual tan to begin with.
  • Bear it in mind that you will need to use more product than usual to accommodate for your growing baby bump. Spreading too little product over a large area will make your tan appear uneven so don’t be shy to add more if you need to.
  • If you’re tanning towards the end of your pregnancy when you’re at your heaviest you may need help to reach the bottom of your legs and feet so get a friend to lend a hand. Or use a bronzing spray that’s easier to spray over your body rather than a thicker lotion-based tanner. Better yet, treat yourself to a professional spray tan and your tanning therapist will do all the hard work for you! Spray tans are formulated to dry super-fast so you’ll be able to put your clothes back on within 15 minutes, which is a great advantage if you’re feeling tired and are suffering with swollen feet and ankles.
  • Remember to moisturise your skin every day to retain your colour for as long as possible. Applying a rich balm or oil will also help to prevent and reduce the appearance of pregnancy stretch marks.