The Dos and Don't of Promoting Your Beauty Business on Yelp

So you want to get positive Yelp reviews for your beauty business? Unfortunately, there’s no secret trick to having a perfect Yelp score. However, if you keep in mind these dos and don’ts, you’ll have a better chance of improving the visibility of your business with Yelp.

DO: Encourage Reviews With Incentives

Some people believe that it’s immoral to solicit Yelp reviews. That’s sort of true. It’s wrong to solicit good reviews and can actually be a violation of FCC laws. However, if you encourage your guests to post reviews in exchange for a discount, never specifying that the review must be positive, you’re in the legal and moral clear. Most customers leave a nice review when they’re getting something in return for it.

DON’T: Be Cringeworthy In Response To Bad Reviews

The internet is full of screenshots of angry business owners freaking out because someone left them a bad Yelp review. It’s extremely cringeworthy, so don’t do it. The only time you should reply to bad reviews is with an offer to try to correct whatever grievance the customer had.

DO: Keep Track Of Yelp

Just because Yelp isn’t a platform like Facebook that you can control doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep an eye on it. Periodically check in on your Yelp page to see where your average is. If customers have a pattern of complaining about the same thing over and over again, it might be time to make some changes.

DON’T: Take It Personally

Here’s a big industry secret: Some people are jerks who are impossible to satisfy. Some of these jerks are on Yelp. Don’t sweat it! There are some people who you would never have been able to please, trust us. When it comes to negative reviews, focus on the ones that have legitimate grievances that you can actually remedy.