Top 4 Gifts for a Spray Tanner This Christmas

Do you have a beauty buff friend to buy for this Christmas? Usual gifts like makeup and hair tools are great, but why not go for something out of the ordinary? Spray tanning essentials would be a much-welcomed gift for your spray tanner friend! Here are four of our favourite spray tanning products that are sure to delight your friends this holiday season:

1. The Handy.Tan

This handheld spray tan system is great for on-the-go tanners. It combines the machine and spray gun for one efficient, compact tanning experience. It also has a really neat feature – an “Air-Smart” switch with heat, so it will keep clients warm and comfortable. There are no bulky units or tangled hoses to worry about, and it can be transported with ease. As with all of the brand’s other products, it also offers a flawless, even tan every time!

2. Tan Fresh Air Screen

Spray tanning rooms can get really congested really fast! This Christmas, help clear the air for your favourite spray tanner with this fresh air screen. This is a clean air and ventilation screen that helps remove unwanted particles in the air, like dirt or tanning solution. It will efficiently cleanse the air, leaving your spray tanner friend and their clients breathing easier.

3. Tan.Tent

Affordable and so practical, this tanning tent is a perfect gift. It provides a great space for spray tanning to happen at home or in the salon. It’s very easy to clean and helps prevent tanning solution from getting everywhere. The tent is easy to put up and take down and comes with a carrying bag, so it’s very portable. It would be great along with the Handy.Tan!

4. Tan.Expert 38000

This quiet, energy-efficient machine is perfect for a tanning expert. It is lightweight, yet powerful, offering 38000RPM’s – that means a strong, even airflow! It includes technology that promises an accurate, streak-free tanning experience. The machine comes with a storage dock to keep it upright and safe, and has a sleek look that is a beautiful addition to any home or salon.

Your favourite spray tanner would love any of these gifts this holiday season. They are great additions to the home or salon and can help your friend build their business!