Typical Self Tanning Mistakes

If you want to attain a beautiful and natural looking spray tan, then you should do all you can to avoid typical tanning mistakes. If you wish to achieve a beautiful bronze glow, then you should put time and care into making sure you do everything correctly. Although self tanning can initially sometimes be difficult to get right, the results are worth it in the end. Self tanning is significantly safer on the body than sunbathing. It’s also great for keeping the skin properly hydrated at all times.

No matter what tanning products you use, your goal should be to to ensure that your tan is as even and consistent as possible. People often make the mistake of failing to apply tanning products sufficiently onto areas that are tough to access, notably the heels, elbows and backs of the knees. If you neglect to get these areas ready for tanning, you could end up not only with unevenness but also with unsightly pale abrasions that jut out noticeably. It is possible, however, to keep this problem at bay. Simply exfoliate particularly rough sections of your physique before tanning. This is effective for doing away with old dead skin cells and guaranteeing a soft lovely tanning surface. If you get rid of dry skin on your body, it will also reduce your risk of early fading.Hair extraction is another common issue associated with self tanning. If you don’t remove hair before tanning, you could end up with unevenness that surrounds all of your hair follicles. This unevenness can bring on an unpleasant “spotted” look that’s hard to miss. The phenomenon is particularly prevalent on legs. If you want to avoid this look, be sure to get rid of unwanted body hair a day before you tan. If waxing is your preferred hair removal method, try to get your procedure done a day or two before you use your self tanning product, as well. This is important because wax can open pores and therefore trigger discolouration woes.

Colour selection is another common self tanning error. If you buy a self tanning product in the summertime, don’t necessarily assume that it’ll be a good match for you come the winter months. Remember, skin tones tend to change subtly with the seasons. If you want to steer clear of the pitfall of having a self tan that appears significantly too dark for you, opt to use a tanning product that gives you some freedom in the darkness level of your glow.